Dr.Pradeep Daniel, Jesus Blesses, Madurai


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A registered Public Religious Organization – (879/09 with u/s 12A(aa)/12AA of IT & FCRA REG NO: 075940600R)

"Jesus Blesses" is a Government of India recognized Public Religious...

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Dr.Pradeep Daniel, Jesus Blesses, Madurai

Dr. C.Pradeep Daniel - Founder-President

Dr.C.Pradeep Daniel is the Founder-President of this ministry “Jesus Blesses” based at Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India. Dr.Pradeep Daniel is a healing crusade preacher, preaching the Word to many thousands in big crusades. He also presents television gospel programs and prays with great burden for the deliverance of the people irrespective of their religion, caste, language or nationality. God has filled Dr.Pradeep Daniel with rich gifts of the Holy Spirit and power. Many thousands gather in his meetings and receive the salvation, deliverance, anointing, healing and miracles. His prophetic visions, revelations and name calling are spot on. God has raised up many testimonies through his ministry. His messages filled by the Holy Spirit are inspirational and his songs are a great blessing to many thousands. Through “Jesus Blesses”, God has assigned 20 types of ministries.

Commitment to Lord Jesus

Dr.Pradeep Daniel is from a non-Christian background. Even though, he had a rich family background and had all material blessings, he lost peace for the first time in 1989, when he was doing his MCA (Master of Computer applications) degree. Until then, he never had any Christian connection. He never attended any church or Good News Meetings before .He neither received any tract nor had any Christian friend. But when he felt the emptiness in his heart, he was led (may be by the angels of God) to a nearby church .When he asked for the book that talks about Jesus, the pastor gave a New Testament. When he read the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, he was touched. Especially, when he read the Sermon on the Mount by Lord Jesus and His impeccable teachings, he felt that he was a great sinner. Tears were rolling down on his cheeks and felt the presence of God and accepted Jesus as his personal Savior and Lord in his bed room. Later he got baptized and received the anointing of the Holy Spirit, all in a span of his first 3 years of Christian Faith towards Lord Jesus.

Dr.Pradeep Daniel, Jesus Blesses, Madurai
Dr.Pradeep Daniel, Jesus Blesses, Madurai

Dedicated to serve

In 1992, after finishing MCA degree, when he was about to leave for United States, our Heavenly Father called him and anointed him for His glorious ministry. He was at the cross roads. He needed to choose between USA or God’s ministry in India. But God promised him that He would use him as a mighty prophet all over the world accompanied by signs, wonders , miracles and healings. Dr.Pradeep Daniel left everything for sake of Christ and stepped in faith to serve the Almighty God. He is serving the Lord for more than 30 years full time for the Glory of God!

Financial Accountability

Dr.C.Pradeep Daniel is very particular about financial accountability while doing God’s ministry, to be a light of this world. In accordance with the Word of God, ‘transparency’ in the financial aspects is a must for a servant of God, who presents the love of Jesus to this dark world. And so he teaches and practices 3 things. (a) Accountability to God first (b) Accountability to the people who donate (c) Accountability to the Government. As an effort to bring the Indian Christian ministries under financial accountability, he has a special vision to start a movement like ECFA (USA) in India so that every organization can win the trust of the believers and the general public who want to give for God’s work.

Email : pradeepdaniel@jesusblesses.org

Dr.Pradeep Daniel, Jesus Blesses, Madurai
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